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Free Holiday Coloring Pages for You!

Here are six free coloring pages for you, featuring Blunder the Reindeer, Puff Puff the cat, and friends – just click each image, print it out, find your box of crayons, and enjoy! Feel free to print out as many copies as you want, and give them out, as long as they remain free, and my web address stays on the picture.


Free Printable Reindeer Card!

Here’s a holiday card for you to download and print out! The file is high-resolution and ready to go – just print it out, fold it, and write in your own message. You’re also welcome to edit it digitally to add in your own text, and to share it with whomever you would like. I ask it be distributed only on a non-commercial basis, and that it not be edited to take my website address off the back. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Icon Requests are closed for batch #28

Thank you to everyone who participated! Requests are closed. There are 162 requests, and tips reached $1000, so everyone who tipped will get two icons. The second will be a surprise based on your first request. We’ll also be donating $100 to PTSD Support Bellingham, which is pretty rockin’!

Watch this space for updates. I need a day to get my ducks in a row, and then I’ll be sending out some emails concerning tip incentive commissions, and diving into work on this icon batch!

Icon Day Update for Thursday

Hello! We’re nearing the end of the request window for batch #28. I will be closing requests when I wake up on Sunday morning. Go get your request in now, if you haven’t already, and spread the word!


We have 120 icon requests, and the tip tally is at $667, which puts it $333 shy of folks who tip getting two icons. I have been given some awesome animals to draw for the art cards, so I’m looking forward to drawing ’em!

Icon Update – Day 4!

It’s Day 4, and we have 92 icon requests! The tip tally is at $505, which means now there will be ten total surprise icon prizes, 3 art card prizes, and an art stream to make even more art cards. Also, this means my donation to PTSD Support Bellingham will be $50, which I’m told will be a huge help in printing up books for their upcoming classes. Thanks so much for your participation!

Icon Day Update!

It’s the third day of requests, and tips have reached a few incentive goals! We’ll be sponsoring a red panda, and there will be 5 randomly chosen 2nd icon prizes, and 3 randomly chosen surprise art card prizes! We’re 100 dollars away from another 5 icon prizes.

You can still come get an icon! http://thestorydragon.com/?p=314

Icon Day #28 – Requests are Closed

Requests are closed! Thanks to all who participated! Tips reached $1000, so everyone who tipped gets two icons, and we’ll be donating $100 to PTSD Support Bellingham! Awesome!

Icon Day is an event that I occasionally run, where you can get a user avatar for free, or for a tip! There are also additional pictures you can get along with your icon, as tip incentives. If this sounds like fun to you, read on!

301Requests Are: CLOSED! Requests will close when I wake up on Sunday, November 23rd.

What will I get? You will get a 100 x 100 pixel icon made in watercolor and ink, scanned in, with a thin black border added. The original art is not shipped out, but you will get a high resolution (300 x 300 pixel) version as well. Both will be delivered to your email!

159Here is a link to the last batch – http://thestorydragon.com/?p=312

And you can see the past batches on my livejournal – http://djinni.livejournal.com/tag/icon%20day

(you can also find an archive of my blog posts there, since they just got accidentally deleted here on wordpress. WHOOPS!)

Free icons in this batch will be ink and one color of watercolor – you can choose, or I’ll choose one for you!

254If you tip, your icon will be in ink and full color! If your character is largely one color, this will still include the colors I use to shade and make the picture pop, and a choice of background color if you’d like!

When will I get it? The last batch went swimmingly, thanks to the use of the form and the handy-dandy spreadsheet of all the requests that gave me. I am aiming to have these icons done in ~2 months. I work on them around other projects, and of course, this time might vary depending on the size of the batch and what other work comes my way. Fear not, however! I have done this 27 times in the past and drawn literally thousands of icons for folks. You will get your art!

Here’s where I include a little note – I know my limits, and if the number of requests nears it, I reserve the right to end the request window earlier than planned. But, don’t worry – I will post a note here if I do. If you don’t see that note, send in your requests!

Charity – the primary goal of this batch is not charity fundraising. I am a freelance artist, busking on the internet! However, I will be donating 10% of the tips to my roommate’s peer-led group – PTSD Support Bellingham – to help them print up the books for their upcoming classes to help civilians and veterans dealing with PTSD. It’s a super awesome program and my bro/roommate is super awesome, so I want to help out a little!

014In addition, instead of ordering a pizza, as is Icon Day tradition, we’ll be sponsoring a red panda over at redpandanetwork.org – this donation will help protect red pandas in the wild, and the many other species in their habitat! Red pandas are also adorable, so this is all around awesome.

Some Rules – I will keep this quick, since most of it is on the form. One icon per person. Request and reference links should be all-ages appropriate. No adults-only content or themes. No fanart or pictures of copyrighted characters or based on celebrities/public figures/real people who aren’t you or your friends. No themes based on copyrighted media properties – no Dr. Who costumes, company logos, etc – sorry. One character per icon. A pet or other small, additional critter is fine.

Linked Icons – One popular theme is to have two icons be linked, so the characters are touching noses, etc. I can do this! Both people should fill out a separate request, and in the notes, mention that this is to be a linked icon and include the email address of the person whose request should be linked to yours! I will email the finished files to you both.

Tip Incentives – If you send a tip of any amount, your icon will be in full color! Here are some other tip incentives. Some are for everyone, based on the total number of tips, and some are additional pieces of art that you can get along with your icon. Finished incentive art will be mailed out to you!

Tip Tally:

$0 – everyone who requests before the cutoff will get an icon. Free icons will be in ink and one color. Requests with a tip will be in ink and full color.

$50 – if this goal is reached Goal reached! We will sponsor a red panda by making a donation to the Red Panda Network, and help protect their habitat!

$100 – if tips reach this amount, Goal reached! I will choose 5 random requests (no tip required) to receive a second, surprise icon based on their first request!

$300 – if tips reach this amount, Goal reached! I will choose 3 random requests (no tip required) to win a surprise animal art card which will be shipped to the winner!

$500 – if tips reach this amount, Goal reached! I will pick another five random requests to receive a second, surprise icon based on their first request. Also, I will have a live art stream day, where I draw animal art cards for folks to win as more prizes.

$1000 – if tips reach this amount, Goal reached! folks who tipped will get a second icon in full color, based on their first request. This will be a second icon of your character or based on the theme you provide.

Incentive Art:

Animal Art Card – $20 – I am starting a new project to develop a set of animal cards, with cartoon artwork on one side, and facts about that animal on the back. To get this started, I’m offering a 2.5″x3.5″ art card of the living animal of your choice (sorry, no extinct or mythical critters this time around!), with a full background of their natural habitat. You can get multiple cards if you’d like, and if I get multiple requests for the same species, I’ll just have variant cards in the eventual set, so it’s all good! I retain the right to print cards of the image, but you get to keep the original.

Character Art Card – $30 – I will draw the character or subject of your choice on a 2.5″x3.5″ art card with a background. I will ship it to you!

Character Bookmark – $40 – Your character or critter of choice (for animals that are non-specific characters, you can have up to four on one bookmark!), drawn as a ~2″x5″ bookmark with a thick black border, cut out around the character and sealed in clear plastic. This will be shipped to you ready to use as a bookmark or to put up anywhere you’d like a bit of cheerful art!

fox2Page of 24 Icons – I offer pages of 24 icons (drawn at 1.5″ x 1.5″, same as the requests) as a commission option, and if you’d like one now, in addition to your request icon, your tip will go towards the tip tally! These are $100, and I will contact you to get the details of each icon on your page.

The Animal Password – the password on the form is aardvark. Thank you for reading the rules before making your request. 🙂

The Form – Since requests are closed, I’ve taken down the form. Send any updates/corrections or questions to coyotepuck@gmail.com

Tip! Please use the button below to send your tip through paypal. You don’t need a paypal account; you can use a debit or credit card.

Updates: This post and daily updates on the tip tally,  etc will appear on my blog – www.thestorydragon.com as well as on my tumblr and livejournal pages, with links appearing on my twitter feed. You can keep up to date through any of these sites!

blog @ thestorydragon.com

thebluedjinni @ twitter

thestorydragon @ tumblr

djinni @ livejournal

And if you have any questions or comments, you can reach me through any of those sites, or send an email to me directly at coyotepuck@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! Please spread the word!