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Bumblepost: Artist’s block

Owen here! Today I’d like to talk to you about artist’s block.

Artist’s block is where you know you have the skills to create, and you can see your creations around you – but for some reason you just can’t get going. And that fear creeps in. “What if this is it? What if I never create anything ever again?!

Everyone is different, but in my case I tend to get artist’s block directly after finishing a group of projects, or when I’m overwhelmed. I’ve developed a few surefire ways that almost always help me snap out of it, so I want to share them with you all.

Having a list of projects I’m working on and a schedule

Sometimes I just forget what all I’m supposed to be doing, and then I start to feel stressed – because clearly this is a sign I never do anything! It’s a silly thing, and this is an easy fix. This also helps me not to abandon current projects in favor of new ideas that have popped into my head.

Listening to motivating podcasts

Sometimes it’s important to get out of our own heads. I love listening to stories and music, but listening to people babble about a topic seems to be more useful for getting into a different headspace. I also learn a lot from this, which spurs on new ideas.

Taking a break

Yay for rest! It’s a simple but easily forgotten solution. If I realize I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed and there is no emergency deadline, I will take a bit of time to rest up.

Working on a small, quick project

Sometimes my artist’s block comes from having worked a long time on projects without the payoff of finishing them. So I pick a project that is quick and easy to finish. With that ‘win,’ I’m more ready to continue pushing on my bigger projects.

Playing some games!

To get over artist’s block, sometimes I will pull out games that I’m really good at playing, or farming/simluation games like Dragonvale. These can be a novel change, and also provide a rest from the hard mental work of creating.