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Icon Day Batch #29

At long last, here is the completed set of icons, art cards and bookmarks for Icon Day Batch #29. The art itself is under the cut, below.

First, all of the icons and incentives have been individually emailed out. If you requested an icon for this batch and didn’t get one, please send me an email at and let me know! One request, for an opossum character, had a typo in the submitted email address and I was unable to deliver it to the right recipient – so if this is your opossum, let me know!

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Icon Day Update

Since the amount of time a batch of icons will take me to complete is unpredictable, I wanted to put up a note here to let folks know that I am still working on the icons! My prior estimates were too optimistic, and so I apologize that they’re not yet completed. However, my schedule’s looking good and I’m not taking new work until I’ve gotten myself caught back up, so I’m not worried about them taking too much longer.

So, I will let you know when the batch is finished, with a post here, and also individual icons will be emailed to the people who requested them.

Streaming Animal Art Cards Today!

Evening Edit: The stream is done! thanks to those who stopped by to watch. 😀 I made 5 art cards, and Owen, Milo and I decorated many eggs together. Stay tuned for another stream, soon.

I am streaming art today! I’ll be working on animal art cards and also drawing on eggs at some point. I’ll edit this post when the stream is done, so if you see no note here to say otherwise, I’m live! Come visit –

Sound is off, and I’ll be in the text chat. Please help me keep the chat all-ages friendly, and free of political discussion. Also, I am not doing requests or taking suggestions for this stream, just drawing the critters I feel inspired to draw, as Icon Day prizes. Let’s have some fun! 😀

Dog Game

I started playing a cool, complex dog breeding sim game –

I’m djinni over there. Check it out if you’re into pet games and genetics! I made some cartoony dog bases you’re welcome to color and use on the site. Load these png files into your favorite art app and have at it.

Icon Batch #29 is Closed!

Aaaaand, requests are now closed! There are 207 requests, and the tip tally is at $1,312. Now’s the part where I settle in to do the work.

First off, this weekend, I’ll be sending out emails to folks who got tip incentive commissions, to get the notes and references I need to make your art!

Then, I’ll be working on that art and the icons themselves. I’m estimating this batch will take me about two months. It’s a little larger than the last batch.

The incentive goals! I’ll be making 15 bonus icons for randomly chosen requests. I’ll also be doing 3 animal art card prizes, and two art streams to create as many more animal art card prizes as I can! This is great, because every animal art card brings me closer to my animal trivia card pack!

I am trying to think of another fun incentive for you all, since this was a very successful icon day. I will keep you posted! Or… maybe I will make it a surprise? We’ll see! 😀

Since we raised $1,312, I’ll be donating 10% to the cat rescue where I got Herbie and Gremlin. I am quite pleased to be bringing them 140 dollars tomorrow. This will help to cover a little bit of the ever present medical and food expenses for their cats.

Thanks to all who participated! This is always fun. 🙂

Tuesday Icon Update

This morning, there are 177 requests, and the tip tally is at $899. At 1,000 everyone who tips gets two icons, and there are two more days to get in a request. Will we hit the incentive goal? :O

If tips go over 1,000, I’ll add a new incentive. If they hit 1,100 I’ll add in 5 more icon prizes, and if it hits 1,200 I’ll do a second art card stream. I also want to think of something else fun to do if we hit that amount, but I haven’t decided what, yet.

Animal Art Card Stream!

I am streaming work on animal art cards today, for an Icon Day incentive goal! I will be picking animals to draw, and you can watch me sketch, ink and color them. Afterward, I’ll select some random folks who requested icons to win the cards as a prize.

There’s a text chat we can hang out on while I work. The rules are pretty simple: keep discussion SFW. No political or religious discussion, and please be respectful of other views. I’d like to avoid talking about football, and please don’t RP your character in the channel. We’re just hanging out. 🙂 I might be geeking out about animal evolution, just by nature of the subject at hand, in case that is not your cup of tea.

Hope to see you there!