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Adventure Animal Art Party Today – March 17th

Hello! Today I’m drawing cartoon animal adventurers live for you to watch. I’ll be attempting this for eight hours (which means I’m aiming to go until 11 pm! OH BOY! 😀 ), and since this is a work shift, that means I’ll be taking occasional breaks. My helpful and wonderful husband might sit in to draw while I’m not at the table… we’ll see how it goes!

I’m going to be rolling random D&D stats and alignments and such, and pairing those up with different mammal species to design fun characters for my Burlwood setting. This means extant mammals and some other interesting critters. The species I’m going to be drawing will be randomly determined. While I would love to be able to draw everyone’s favorite animal, I’m not taking species requests this time around, sorry!

Tomorrow, I’ll take the art to the Foundry to scan it, and I’ll post it for everyone to see, along with an entry form for a chance to win one of the pictures.

A couple things about the stream itself:

Sound will be off, at least for the start. My brother’s asleep and I’ll need to get the microphone from him when he’s awake. I’ll let folks know in the chat if and when I’ve got a mic or music on.

The stream cuts off automatically every two hours or so. Sometimes I need to stop the stream and restart the recording. If the stream cuts out, try refreshing the page.

I’ll be hanging out in the text chat. Please keep your commentary and links SFW, and please no political discussion.

This day of live art is brought to you by the folks supporting me on Patreon. You can check that out here –


Hope to see you there! 😀

Patreon Dates and Art Walk this Week in Bellingham

First of all, I posted a small update with some dates for my Patreon, and didn’t manage to get it posted here, too. Oh no! Here you go:


Local folks! Come visit the Foundry Makerspace this Friday for PUPPETS! A local puppeteer I know and didn’t even -know- was a puppeteer is going to be doing an amazing shadow-puppet show with music, and in between shows, Owen and I are going to be interacting with folks with our puppet characters. You can try out puppets yourself! Also, there will be free cheese and crackers. Hope to see you there!