Patreon Art Update #0

Hello everyone! In order to make my first weekly art update, I needed to pick a day for it – so watch this spot every Saturday for the latest cute critters and assorted ramblings.


It’s almost March! That means we’re about to start our first monthly batch of art and awesomeness! So, if you haven’t already, make sure that you fill out the form posted earlier with your art preferences. And, of course, I’ll be making art! I’m pretty glad that it’s almost spring, and I’m finding lots of inspiration in my yard, learning about all the plants that grow here. The chickens are glad for the extra time with me around out there, so they can beg me for treats the entire time.


This was a busy week! I’ve got several pieces that are nooooot quite ready to appear, including some fun full-scene commissions. Here’s a set of emotive gila monsters I’m making, along with other pictures I’ve made this February! I want to show you some more, so I better get to work on that, huh?


This brings me to: MY FIRST MONTHLY PROJECT! I will announce it on Leap Day (because that gives me two days to finish deciding!) I’ll also announce the date for the Art Party (you’re invited!) and any other looming matters before March begins. Opal’s video update will take the place of one regular update this month, and I’ll plan a date for that, too. Opal needs to be kept filled in on his schedule, after all!

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