Patreon Art Update #0

Hello everyone! In order to make my first weekly art update, I needed to pick a day for it – so watch this spot every Saturday for the latest cute critters and assorted ramblings.


It’s almost March! That means we’re about to start our first monthly batch of art and awesomeness! So, if you haven’t already, make sure that you fill out the form posted earlier with your art preferences. And, of course, I’ll be making art! I’m pretty glad that it’s almost spring, and I’m finding lots of inspiration in my yard, learning about all the plants that grow here. The chickens are glad for the extra time with me around out there, so they can beg me for treats the entire time.


This was a busy week! I’ve got several pieces that are nooooot quite ready to appear, including some fun full-scene commissions. Here’s a set of emotive gila monsters I’m making, along with other pictures I’ve made this February! I want to show you some more, so I better get to work on that, huh?


This brings me to: MY FIRST MONTHLY PROJECT! I will announce it on Leap Day (because that gives me two days to finish deciding!) I’ll also announce the date for the Art Party (you’re invited!) and any other looming matters before March begins. Opal’s video update will take the place of one regular update this month, and I’ll plan a date for that, too. Opal needs to be kept filled in on his schedule, after all!

TigerLemonadeYou can visit my Patreon page here!

Icon and Sticker Set Commissions, Free Red Panda Stickers and Patreon Grand Opening

Tod here! I’ve been very busy and have some awesome things to share with you! First of all, I’ve made a sticker set for the chat program Telegram. Do you love red pandas as much as we do? Then this is for you!

Don’t have Telegram? These images are free to download to use as userpics or whatever not-for-profit use you’d like to use them for.  Credit me with a link to this website if you’d like. Enjoy!

Like Telegram stickers, user icons or sets of lots of tiny pictures? I’m now offering three options for icon commissions.

090Option 1: 1.5″ x 1.5″ icon with border and optional background color. This is my standard icon style, and works best with a head-and-shoulders shot for humanoid characters, but I can also draw a small creature shown full-body.

weirdOption 2: Sticker-style headshot. Head only, with optional speech balloon, small props, sound effects, etc. White border around the art, and a transparent background.


Option 3: Sticker-style critter. A big-headed, small-proportioned animal character, with a white border and transparent background. They can have small props, and I can add costumes for an additional cost.

Cost: Icons are $10 each, or 24 for $100. I request payment upon approval of the sketches.

You’ll get a small 100 x 100 pixel version and a 512 x 512 version of each picture.

Like looking at tiny pictures, but not in the market for some of your own right now? This page contains most of the thousands of icons I’ve done for my 29 Icon Day batches. So many pictures!

And finally, like looking at my art, and want to support my making more of it in the future? I’ve started a Patreon campaign for The Story Dragon. You can check it out here!

Patreon is a site that lets creative folks receive and reward funding for their ongoing projects. It’s a little like a PBS membership drive and a little like Icon Day. Fans make a monthly pledge, and receive backer rewards, unlock group rewards by reaching funding goals, and get updates from the creator with all the cool stuff they’re making.

You can make a pledge of any amount to my Patreon campaign and receive art updates from me in your email, as well as pick up a fun monthly reward for yourself – art in the mail, for you!

I’ll be making weekly art updates to share what I create, here on this site, and on my Patreon page. We’ve already hit our first two funding goals, which is very exciting! First, each month, one of my weekly updates will be hosted by our dragon puppet, Prince Opal. Second, each month one of my work days will be a pizza party art stream. It’s going to be good times!

I am so exited to make and share art with all of you! Thank you for your continued support and interest in my art. I hope you have a wonderful day 😀

On being busy

Owen here! Today I’d like to talk to you about being busy – something I’ve been experiencing a lot lately!

The only way to do all the things you need/want to when you’ve got too much on your list is to expand time and space.

I mean, there are tips you can use, and there are promises that you can do all the things if you just arrange it all the right way. If those work for you, congratulations! But here in my world, there’s no way to get it all done – it’s simpler just to assume that from the get go.

So if there’s no hope of getting it all done, what to do?

Imagine a stick. On one side is “ALL THE THINGS DO THEM.” What’s on the other side?


Time is a precious resource. Everything we choose to do with it must be the best, most important use of that resource. This limit lets us look at our to do list and identify what is the most important thing to do right now. Following this, you can rest assured that you aren’t failing to get things done. You’re doing exactly what you need to do at any moment. A much better feeling – and one you would have a harder time finding if you didn’t have a time crunch in the first place!


Note: This doesn’t mean that you can’t spend an hour playing games, or hanging out in bed when you just can’t even anymore. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is to rest.