Bumblepost: Start Anywhere

Owen here! Today I’d like to talk to you about just getting started!

Sometimes (maybe a lot of times) I have trouble getting started with things I’m really interested in doing. It’s easy to get caught in an unhelpful cycle where at night I’ll think, “I’m so psyched about doing this thing tomorrow!” And then tomorrow comes, and I want to do everything but that thing.

My superpowers don’t end there, though. Sometimes I can not only successfully avoid doing the things I want to do, but I actually forget what I’m supposed to be doing! I’ll sit down to do a project with identical steps that I’ve followed before – and I just can’t make any sense of it.

When this happens, I find there is nothing for it but a hard push, and just getting started. Recognizing when I tend to need to just get started has helped me get through stressful creative times, plan my day better, and accomplish lots more. So if you haven’t already, I suggest working on figuring out when you just need to push yourself to get started.

Worksheet: Start Anywhere Coloring Page

To help make this more fun, I’m including a free coloring page! The text is a little blurry, because I’m still learning how to balance out readability with a high level of detail. (Note: It’s a PDF! Sorry!)

Start Anywhere Knotwork Coloring Page

Bumblepost: Awesome Art Podcasts!

Owen here! Today I’d like to tell you about the art podcasts I listen to.

I’m a big fan of podcasts. I can listen to them while working with my hands, which means they are perfect for listening to while making art. Most of them are free as well, and they are very easy to download for on the go (For those of us without unlimited wifi!).

Every so often I look for a bunch of podcasts on similar subjects, and listen to them to find the best ones. A few months ago I started looking for artist podcasts, and now have some recommendations!

  1. Artists Helping Artists

Useful for: Learning skills to make art, and how to gain more skills; networking with other artists; social media/marketing; building & tweaking your website; selling in large and small markets

I can not say enough about this show. It is bursting with helpful information! This podcast has years and years of back episodes, so there is plenty to absorb! AHA’s host Leslie Saeta changes things up frequently with new co-hosts. I think this helps keep the show fresh and interesting.

This show covers how to make art, how to sell art, and how to work in the dynamic and weird art world – from big markets to small. There is something for everyone here.

2. Artists Without Day Jobs

Useful for: Social Media/Marketing tips; inspiration; getting jazzed about making art; feeling empowered!

AWD is hosted by Jo-Ná Williams, an attorney, business advisor, and founder of Artist Empowerment.  This podcast is almost entirely about the business of art, especially empowering ourselves to get what we are worth. Many of AWD’s guests have struggled up from difficult circumstances – so if you have trouble seeing yourself getting anywhere with your art, check out Artists Without Day Jobs!

3. The Savvy Painter

Useful for: Learning social media/marketing skills; learning about painting; building enthusiasm!

Like AHA and AWD, the Savvy Painter provides useful info, and often has guests on that give insight gained from their own experience. In my opinion, there is no such thing as hearing from too many artists!

The Unimistakable Creative

Useful for: Inspiration!

It is way too easy to get derailed by a lack of enthusiasm, getting bogged down by the feeling we can’t move forward – that any effort towards our goals will be a futile waste of energy we don’t have. So in that case, I recommend trying out The Unmistakable Creative! It’ll get you pumped and moving again.

(You will learn other stuff here too, but for me, I listen to it to help me keep going!)

  1. The Abundant Artist

Useful for: Inspiration, enthusiasm, resources

This is another one where you’ll learn a lot, but again I think the real usefulness of this podcast is as inspiration. In my experience, things made by business coaches tend to have a quality of getting people up and moving, doing what they need to reach their goals.


Bonus: Small Business, Big Marketing

Useful for: Learning social media/marketing; learning good business practices; learning how to do your business well from the start

Now, this one I recommend listening to with a grain of salt. I dislike some of the companies that advertise with SBBM, and sometimes both the guest and host have things I strongly disagree with. So why am I recommending it?

This is one of the few pieces of media made about marketing that is not complete nonsense. Anyone who is invited on as a guest is someone who has become successful, and they share what they did to get there. There is also some discussion about ethics, and also on the quandary of reaching goals and suddenly not knowing what to do. (Something I find unimaginable, but which happens to lots of people, apparently.)


Now a small note for anyone anxious about listening to content like this where something is for sale if you can’t or don’t want to buy the product: Just by listening you are helping! And doing things like spreading the word or leaving reviews is also immensely helpful!

In the best of circumstances, content (like podcasts) are made available for free because it helps in some other way. It helps show people the person making the podcast knows what they’re talking about. It helps them and their guests network. It lets them help people new to the business (which is good for everyone!). And often, it provides advertising or improves search engine rankings for whoever makes the podcast.

So no need to worry! Just click, sit back, and enjoy!