Icon Day Batch #29

At long last, here is the completed set of icons, art cards and bookmarks for Icon Day Batch #29. The art itself is under the cut, below.

First, all of the icons and incentives have been individually emailed out. If you requested an icon for this batch and didn’t get one, please send me an email at coyotepuck@gmail.com and let me know! One request, for an opossum character, had a typo in the submitted email address and I was unable to deliver it to the right recipient – so if this is your opossum, let me know!

This might be the longest an icon batch has taken me to complete, and not without reason – there have been so many changes in my life in the past few months, and now I find myself looking at the end of 2015. So very much has happened between then and now. We planted, tended and harvested a garden. We built a chicken coop and raised a flock of hens from hatchlings. Both of us took on new work – I was invited to work in the summer for the camp I used to work for, and it was an amazing experience. Now, I’m running afterschool art classes a couple times a week. Owen started a new job as well, and has been expanding the role he takes in our own business.

So, I know where the time’s gone, and I don’t feel like it’s been wasted.  I also knew I’d need time to recover from Vincent’s death. What I didn’t expect was this amazing, difficult and rewarding journey that’s come out of it. And, I’m very glad that working on all of the Icon Day art for all of you was a part of it. I had several artistic breakthroughs over the past few months, and it’s fascinating to me to see that in the art. I try to put my heart into everything I draw, and I hope very much that you enjoy seeing the conclusion of this project! I am very sorry, and have been very anxious, that it’s taken so long to complete, but here we are.

This is going to be the last time I do Icon Day for maybe a long while, maybe ever. Not for any dramatic reason – I could do it again and have fun, but at this point in my life, it would take me longer to finish an Icon Day Batch #30 than I’d want… and I think the time could be better fed to my various projects that I’m excited to share with you.

This is my current plan: I’m going to get the art cards and bookmarks mailed out, and finish up a few other pieces that are on my current queue. Now that Icon Day’s in the bag, I can put together a new commission rate list to make some more art for folks. I’m also working on a patreon page, to maybe help fund art days, mini comics and other neat projects to share.

But that’s for other posts. Enjoy the art!