Icon Batch #29 is Closed!

Aaaaand, requests are now closed! There are 207 requests, and the tip tally is at $1,312. Now’s the part where I settle in to do the work.

First off, this weekend, I’ll be sending out emails to folks who got tip incentive commissions, to get the notes and references I need to make your art!

Then, I’ll be working on that art and the icons themselves. I’m estimating this batch will take me about two months. It’s a little larger than the last batch.

The incentive goals! I’ll be making 15 bonus icons for randomly chosen requests. I’ll also be doing 3 animal art card prizes, and two art streams to create as many more animal art card prizes as I can! This is great, because every animal art card brings me closer to my animal trivia card pack!

I am trying to think of another fun incentive for you all, since this was a very successful icon day. I will keep you posted! Or… maybe I will make it a surprise? We’ll see! 😀

Since we raised $1,312, I’ll be donating 10% to the cat rescue where I got Herbie and Gremlin. I am quite pleased to be bringing them 140 dollars tomorrow. This will help to cover a little bit of the ever present medical and food expenses for their cats.

Thanks to all who participated! This is always fun. 🙂