Hello! This is Owen Wills, Tod’s husband and co-creator here at the Storydragon! I just got my account set up here, so now I’ll be adding some posts too.

The Storydragon is humming and buzzing and all the other fun noises that mean being busy! Here’s what we are running around doing:

  • Art! As always, Tod is busy at the Storydragon Studio drawing and painting away! This week, he is focusing on icons, more bookmarks, and a couple cool commissioned projects!
  • Puppet videos! We are busily rearranging the studio to optimize our recording space, and are happy to be debuting a new puppet! Look for our new video soon!
  • Stuffed animals! We are using the skills we’ve developed making puppets to design stuffed animals. This week, I’ll be learning the basics, so that we can make our first prototype.

That’s it for now! Happy Fall, everyone!


This weekend I am at the Rainfurrest convention at the SeaTac convention center. This is a fun gathering of animal fans, amazing artists, costumers and performers, and groovy, creative people of all sorts. Today, I’m selling my art in the Artist Alley outside the Dealer’s Den. We’re open until 6! I am hoping to be here tomorrow and Sunday as well – the Artist Alley sign-ups are day by day and first come first serve, so we’ll see!

tableThis photo is upside down and I gotta get back to work, so… enjoy the upside down photo! ;)

If you’re not at the convention, a friend of mine, Goldkin, is doing awesome marker illustrations for free or for tips! Check it out here – http://goldkin.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/goldkins-copic-commissions-1/

Back from Vacation!


Owen and I have returned from our post-wedding trip to Colorado. We had a great time visiting with family and taking in the sights! I got to hang out with my parents’ friendly and goofy rough collie, Johann Sebastian Bark, which was way fun. One of my brothers let us in to his work to drink free sodas at the Backflip Studios office. My other brother invited us to a game night at a local game shop. We played Splendor and a deck building DC Heroes card game, both really fun.

I’d have to say my favorite part of the trip was going to the zoo with my parents, my sister and my two nieces. Highlights included seeing three baby hyena cubs on their first day out in public, and Owen getting to see his favorite animal – the red panda – in person for the first time. Plus, ice cream! A good time was had by all! My dad got some great photos. Here’s my favorite:


Here’s an otter scratching its back on a stump:

otterscratchHere’s two of those hyena cubs!


And the red panda!


I’m happy to be back in the shop after such a relaxing break and a great celebration. If you’re local, I hope you’ll stop in to say “hi”! This coming week, I’m going to be working on the icons, along with new buttons, bookmarks and other nifty original art stuff for sale in the shop and at Rainfurrest in Seattle, the weekend of the 25th. After the show, the new stuff will be up on the site for sale, as well.


Some of this new art is a series of animal face designs, which I’ve put onto stickers in my Redbubble shop. You can check ‘em out here, and snag one or a couple if you like! http://www.redbubble.com/people/djinni/portfolio

Meanwhile, back in Colorado, my mom’s yarn shop is participating in Yarn Along the Rockies. If you’re in the Boulder area and into fiber arts, you should go visit, and tell my mom Tod sent you! She has a limited number of my original art pinback buttons for sale.

And, a website note – the latest version of wordpress came out while I was on vacation, and it’s undone a little bit of my formatting. Nothing, as far as I’ve seen, is broken, but I’m going to need to fix the text that’s currently all mooshed together in the center of the screen. Pardon the dust!

Icon Requests are Closed

I’ve turned off responses for the form, and requests are now officially closed! I will tally up the final number of requests and contact folks who are entitled to bookmarks, etc soon to get their details. I won’t be able to do that today because of the wedding.

The final tip tally is $1016. This means Gwyd and Squirrel have gotten a total of $508 toward their gofundme effort (You can still contribute directly here - http://www.gofundme.com/cuovws.)

This also means that folks who tipped get a second, surprise animal icon. I will do my best to pick cool animals for you!

Email any questions you may have to coyotepuck@gmail.com. I will not be at the computer today but will get back to you this weekend. Cheers!


Icon Day Requests Update – Last Day!

It’s the last day to get in your requests! Requests will close when I wake up tomorrow morning. http://thestorydragon.com/?p=142

The tip tally is currently at $820. At $1000, I will be drawing everyone who tipped a bonus surprise animal icon, so I will let you know if we reach that point before the request window closes!

Yesterday’s stream went well! I have six tiny animal pictures now being offered as a reward level on Gwyd and Squirrel’s fundraiser. You will get one of these pictures, randomly selected:

catcornishdragonkoalaorpingtonredpandaBy the way, the feed store near my shop often has chickens. These chickens were there today. I can’t wait until we have our own little birdies!



Icon Day Requests Update – Second to Last Day!

Icon requests will be open today and tomorrow, and then they will close when I wake up on Friday (and then I’m gonna go get married! :D )

So, if you haven’t yet, get your requests in now, or spend today deciding what you’d like, then fill out the form linked on this page, and tell your friends, too!

Tips have totaled 659! This is so awesome, because half of this plus the direct contributions to Gwyd and Squirrel’s gofundmepage is now $710! This means that their most pressing bill is covered, and now we’re raising money to go toward back payments on housing fees. I went ahead and sent over their half of the tips so far, so we could celebrate seeing this number on the fundraiser page. :D

As of right now, there are 119 icon requests, all neatly organized on the spreadsheet made from the form. This is making this so much easier to keep track of, and I’m quite pleased with it. When the request window closes, I’ll be emailing folks whose tips entitle them to a bookmark or other incentive, to get the details for their art!

I will be hosting a live art stream on ustream today, and will make a small post when that’s live. I will take that post down when I’m done streaming, so keep an eye out for it! I will be drawing cartoons that will be put up as rewards on the gofundme page. It will be nice to have one last day to relax, because Thursday and Friday are going to be very busy for me!

Icon Day Request Updates!


The request window is off to a great start! There is still plenty of time to get an icon and to spread the word. Requests will be open until I wake up Friday morning. The link is here: http://thestorydragon.com/?p=142

Tips are adding up! As of my tally this morning, we’re at $394. This means that I’ll be selecting five random requests to get a bonus surprise icon, and that of course 50% of that total will be going to help Gwyd and Squirrel. Their gofundme page is currently at $255. I’ll be adding in the Icon Day tips on Friday, and right now there’s going to be $197 to add, which will bring them to $452. They need $700 to cover their most pressing financial obligation, so this is really, really awesome!

Marbled Polecat Illustration – I finished the picture at the top of this entry yesterday! I’ve been meaning to make a finished cartoon of one of these amazing critters, and got nudged to do so. I put the original art up in my store, if you’re interested.

Icon Day Requests are Open!

Icon Day is an event that I occasionally run, where you can get a user avatar for free, or for a tip! There are also additional pictures you can get along with your icon, as tip incentives. If this sounds like fun to you, read on!

Requests Are: OPEN! Requests will close when I wake up on Friday, August 29th.

004What will I get? You will get a 100 x 100 pixel icon made in watercolor and ink, scanned in, with a thin black border added. The original art is not mailed out, but you will get a high resolution (300 x 300 pixel) version as well. Both will be delivered to your email!

Free icons in this batch will be ink and one color of watercolor – you can choose, or I’ll choose one for you!

If you tip, your icon will be in ink and full color! If your character is largely one color, this will still include the colors I use to shade and make the picture pop, and a choice of background color if you’d like!

When will I get it? Icon Day batches take me a few months to complete. This depends on the size of the batch, and my schedule. I’ll be able to announce an estimate when the request window closes.

Here’s where I include a little note – I know my limits, and if the number of requests nears it, I reserve the right to end the request window earlier than planned. However, fear not! I have drawn literally thousands of icons for folks in the past, and the icons always get done!

Here is a link to the last batch: http://djinni.livejournal.com/502656.html

117Let’s Help My Friends! I will be donating 50% of the tips from this Icon Day batch to my friends Gwyd and Squirrel’s fundraiser. They are groovy folks who are in a crummy financial situation. You can read more about this here – http://www.gofundme.com/cuovws

When the request window closes, I’ll send over their 50%. If you’d like to contribute directly to the gofundme fundraiser, awesome! However, please note that the gofundme page has separate rewards, and does not count as a tip for Icon Day incentives.

My 50% of the tips goes to cover my time – I am a full-time freelance illustrator, and work on the icons along with my various other projects.


Some Rules – I will keep this quick, since most of it is on the form. One icon per person. Request and reference links should be all-ages appropriate. No adults-only content or themes. No fanart or pictures of copyrighted characters or based on celebrities/public figures/real people who aren’t you or your friends. No themes based on copyrighted media properties – no Dr. Who costumes, company logos, etc – sorry. One character per icon. A pet or other small, additional critter is fine.

Linked Icons – One popular theme is to have two icons be linked, so the characters are touching noses, etc. I can do this! Both people should fill out a separate request, and in the notes, mention that this is to be a linked icon and include the email address of the person whose request should be linked to yours! I will email the finished files to you both.

021Tip Incentives – If you send a tip of any amount, your icon will be in full color! Here are some other tip incentives. Some are for everyone, based on the total number of tips, and some are additional pieces of art that you can get along with your icon. Finished incentive art will be mailed out to you!

Tip Tally:

$100 – if tips reach this amount,  I get a pizza. :B eta – goal reached!

$300 – if tips reach this amount, I will pick five random requests to receive a second, surprise icon based on their first request. No tip is necessary to win.  eta – goal reached!

$500 – if tips reach this amount, I will pick another five random requests to receive a second, surprise icon based on their first request. eta – goal reached!

$1000 – if tips reach this amount, I will draw a second, surprise animal icon for everyone who tips. I will pick the animals and color scheme – it’s a surprise pet! eta – goal not yet reached, but I’m editing this to say that thanks to a few generous, direct contributions to the gofundme page, their fundraiser is now at $700 – the most pressing bill. So now we’re raising money to go toward back payments on their housing fees. Hurray!

Incentive Art:

Animal Bookmark – I have been drawing animal bookmarks lately, and they are very fun. If you would like one along with your icon, you can have one for a $20 tip. This bookmark features one to four animals who are non-specific characters – you name the species and a couple fun details like a prop, if you’d like. You will receive a laminated bookmark in the mail.


Character Bookmark – Same as above, but with one to four animal/non-humanoid versions of specific characters, or one humanoid character drawn in a vertical pose suitable for a bookmark. These are $40.

Page of 24 Icons – I offer pages of 24 icons (drawn at 1.5″ x 1.5″, same as the requests) as a commission option, and if you’d like one now, in addition to your request icon, your tip will go towards the tip tally! These are $100, and I will contact you to get the details of each icon on your page.

The Animal Password – the password on the form is rhinoceros. Thank you for reading the rules before making your request. :)

The Form – To request an icon, fill out this form! The results will be visible only to me. If you have any problems with the form, you can email your info to coyotepuck@gmail.com. Do not leave your request as a comment, though – this is a change from how I’ve done things in the past, so please take note, and help me keep things organized! :D


Tip! Please use the button below to send your tip through paypal. You don’t need a paypal account; you can use a debit or credit card.

Updates: This post and daily updates on the tip tally, etc will appear on my blog – www.thestorydragon.com as well as on my tumblr and livejournal pages, with links appearing on my twitter feed. You can keep up to date through any of these sites!blog @ thestorydragon.com

thebluedjinni @ twitter

thestorydragon @ tumblr

djinni @ livejournal

And if you have any questions or comments, you can reach me through any of those sites, or send an email to me directly at coyotepuck@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! Please spread the word!

Art and Fun Stuff by Tod Wills and Friends